1. There’s a shooting at parliament… My school is on lockdown…



    3. fashion encyclopedia: Hanna Toumajean f/w 2014 couture

    4. englishsnow:

      snowing in london by Jared Brown

    5. jessicamao:



      inktober 6/31

    6. frickityfuckitynope replied to your post: also i tried my schools ramen…  i…

      hon. no. no no no. ramen has to be cheap from loblaws and prepared at odd hours. this is my decree

      no no no no.  when i find a good ramen place here i will take you so you can taste the deliciousness of real ramen.  it’s so good when it’s got all the cool shit like meat, bamboo and narutomaki

    7. also i tried my schools ramen…  it was really bad…

    8. guys ive decided to go ombre

    9. jpnvines:

      お母さんが#電話 をしてる時 ⚠️お母さんが電話してる時は静かに待とうね。〜 サム(´Д` )

      When my mother is on the #phone  Wait quietly when your mother is on the phone. 〜 サム(´Д` )

      Yes. Okay. Ah, please wait for a moment… I’M ON THE PHONE SHUT UP

      Ah, yes, excuse me. 

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